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Design Meaning

The design in its representation at the four corners acknowledges the Aboriginal Peoples and the Elders who work in conjunction with each other for Aboriginal peoples.

This is the arc at the top and bottom and the opposite sides of the artwork represent our people, our elders and their wisdom.

The yellow surrounding of this portion of the artwork represents the land and the connection of Aboriginal people to the land.

The dots throughout the artwork represents peoples from all cultural and diversity of our land.

The centre of the artwork is the business and the people who are part of the Aboriginal community and their wisdom.

The lines in the four corners to a large three coloured dot represents the journey and the path that each person takes as their own journey to seek wisdom.

It is acknowledged and appreciated that the design of Cunnara Paiabun Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation is the artwork of Louisa Bonner and the ownership and copyright has been given wholly to Cunnara Paiabun.

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