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Mission Australia Child Friendly Excellence Award

The Child Friendly Excellence Awards to celebrate and acknowledge individuals, services, groups and businesses who have provided outstanding service to families and children in the Inala to Ipswich region.

Communities for Children (Inala to Ipswich) believes that the promotion, identification and celebration of outstanding service to families and children by individuals, services/groups and business will contribute towards building a more child friendly community in the Inala to Ipswich region.

Ipswich District Community Safety Crime Prevention awards

The Ipswich District Community Safety Crime Prevention Awards acknowledge individuals and organisations who are campaigners within the community and who are working towards crime prevention and community safety.

All of the nominees demonstrated a commitment to and have achieved a positive outcome from crime prevention and community safety resulting in one or more of the following;

  • a reduction in crime,
  • enhanced community and youth engagement,
  • increased community awareness and education,
  • recognising and encouraging best practice in organisations.

All of which must have occurred and benefited communities across the Ipswich Police District.


The Ipswich & West Moreton Region Child Protection Week Awards 

The Ipswich & West Moreton Region Child Protection Week Awards have been established by the Ipswich District Child Protection Week Committee  to promote the safety and wellbeing of children.

The Awards aim to raise awareness and highlight the importance of child protection in our communities, while at the same time recognising the efforts, programs, services and achievements that individuals and organisations have accomplished.


The Zonta Club of Brisbane wishes to recognize a person who through their leadership, work or advocacy is progressing the status of women by either creating new pathways, facilitating women’s advancement along existing pathways or advancing the interests of women through other endeavours in social, community, economic, academic, political or work environments


The Telstra Awards have been a hub for Australia’s remarkable small and medium-sized businesses to gather, explore their dreams, celebrate their achievements and to become ‘that’ business.
These businesses have inspired us all with their resilience, courage, incredible commitment, and their ability to find new solutions and ways of working. Since 1992, the Awards have showcased some of Australia’s best business talent, with over 58,000 businesses nominated to date.

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