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Non-Profit and PBI Registered

Cunnara Paiabun

Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Corporation


Cunnara Paiabun is Yuggera for One Dreaming. Yuggera is the language of the Traditional Owners in the Ipswich Region. 

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Our Vision

Helping our community members through embracing identity, community connection and empowerment.

Operate Community Enterprises

Operate community enterprises and build strong financial bases for community development activities and infrastructure.

Promote Community Development

Promote community development by acting as a resource for the community and stakeholders in the areas of community connections, education, health, housing, employment and welfare to the community.

Facilitation And Skills Exchange

Facilitate the exchange of information and skills, participation and maintenance of community development activities, community services, employment and housing for the community.

Promoting Self Determination

To promote self determination, identity, and social justice in relation to our community members, children, young people, and families.

Our Services

The primary purpose is to provide services and assist peoples in need of benevolent relief in the communities in which the corporation operates. The corporation aims to relieve suffering, distress and helplessness of individuals through the provision of culturally sensitive services which may include, without limitation.


We understand that it is easy in today’s world to get lost in all of the forms, words and systems that we need to navigate when in times of difficulty or challenge.

We are here to help you work your way through a variety of these different areas of life. We hope to assist you in understanding your rights. We seek social justice as a part of our work and will provide appropriate and professional support for you.

We are able to liaise with other professional services if required. This may alleviate some of concerns you may feel in speaking with agencies and organisations.

  • Liaising with agencies, other professionals and departments
  • Assist in understanding professional jargon
  • Assist you in understanding your rights
  • Social Justice

Mental Health

We seek to work to improving health outcomes by providing support services to people with a mental illness or disability. We understand that due to the stressors and impacts within our society that can take their toll on everyone. We understand that sometimes people have mental health issues that require short term supports.

However, we acknowledge that some people experience ongoing and long term mental health issues that will require long term understanding and support. We hope to provide client focused support to assist our clients to achieve the best outcomes with respect for their individual circumstances.

Court Support

We aim to provide support services to people in the criminal justice system and in child protection or family law proceedings.

Community Connectedness

We seek to assist people experiencing marginalisation or disadvantage to access community support services.

Children and families

We seek to provide understanding and support services to people who have experienced family violence.

Referral Pathways

Once areas of need are identified we are able provide referrals to offer support to those in need of this support.

Helping those at risk of Homelessness

We seek to assist in working with you to arranging housing assistance for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.  This may be through direct network contact and/or a referral process for appropriate supports.




We seek to assist long-term unemployed people to gain employment opportunities or supports with accessing job seeker services through appropriate referrals.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Cunnara Paiabun offers support those people who are in need, at risk and are vulnerable.  As a newly formed corporation we are seeking to support those people who feel hopeless, vulnerable and helpless through a range of services and referral pathways.  Our partnerships and referral pathways will assist in identifying community gaps and needs.  It a privilege to be able to work with a range of services to meet the needs of our community and/or work with those services and organisations that offer supports in conjunction with us.

The Team


Founder and Director


Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (BBSt) – University of Queensland

Master of Social Work (MSW) – University of Queensland

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW)


Director and Secretary


Bachelor of Arts (BA): Extended Major in Psychology – University of Queensland


Mission Australia’s Child Friendly Excellence Award


Nominated for Business

Highly Commended for Business


Nominated for Business

Highly Commended for Business

Nominated for Individual

Ipswich and West Moreton Region Child Protection Week Award


Finalist Nominee


Finalist Nominee


Certificate for Excellence in Practice

Ipswich District Community Safety Crime Prevention Award



Highly Commended for Youth Engagement



Highly Commended for Youth Engagement

Telstra Australia Business of the Year Award





Zonta Club of Brisbane’s Advancement of Women Award



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